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If you moved into a new place, lost your house keys or had to fire an employee, you need to rekey your locks.

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Do you know how many copies of your keys are out there? Do you give these out to friends, employees, family and never know just how many people have access to the home or business? It is these types of situations that can truly stress someone.
You could try to track down each key that you have given out and hope for the best, or you can go with a much simpler option: lock re-key services.

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While you can try to track down all the keys that you have given out over the years, the easier option is to call us and have us re-key the lock so that these old keys are no longer going to work.
The beauty of this decision is that:

– It often takes less than 15 minutes to re-key a lock

– We can re-key all the locks to work on one single key so you no longer have to carry around a handful of keys.

– We ensure that your property is protected with this new key

Commercial Lock Re-Key Services

When a business is worried about the number of keys that are floating around that grant access to the business, they will find that having our professionals perform a lock re-key is the most cost effective solution when compared to replacing all the locks in the business.
For businesses that have recently dealt with contractors needing keys to get access to the building, then re-keying is the best way to go.
This also goes for property owners who are renting their property, each time a new tenant moves in, having these locks re-keyed is a great way to ensure the tenant feels safe and no one can gain entrance to these rentals. 

We have all the experience and the tools necessary to ensure that we can re-key these locks in a matter of minutes. 

For those who are thinking about re-keying their locks, it is often the best solution.
If you are new to your home, then re-key these locks for added safety.
The same can be said for businesses who have fired an employee or when you simply want to improve the security measures at a business. 

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