Commercial Locksmith

There are several services and products that we offer all geared at the commercial sector, to ensure safety and that all codes are met. 

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial Locksmith Service in Montreal

When it comes to locksmith services, there are both residential and commercial locksmiths out there, as the two are totally different industries.
Luckily, we handle it all, both residential and commercial locksmith services.
When it comes to commercial hardware that is used on businesses, this is often more heavy duty as it is protecting what is inside this commercial location.

In addition, there are often insurance requirements that must be taken into consideration when installing commercial locks. This is something that we can do for you to ensure that your commercial location is well protected. 

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We offer addition services such as:

– Electronic (keyless) locks installation

– Panic Exit Devices

– File Cabinet Locks

– High security locks and safes

– Emergency Service

– And much more!

Commercial Locksmith Services in Montreal

Commercial Locksmith Services For All Types Of Business

- Security Lock Installation

Companies that have a lot of people coming and going are going to want to ensure that their locks are protected, especially if you do not have overnight security staying at this location. When we deal with a commercial location like this, we often recommend that you consider full length security plates, commercial deadbolts, door guards, key way systems and other high quality products, all of which we can supply for you.

- Master Key Systems

Many businesses have master key systems in place since this allows you to have access to all the locations throughout the building.
Employees are given specific keys for where they need to be.
This type of system allows a business owner to be in complete control of who can enter where.

- Panic Hardware

Panic hardware is one installation that we can complete that is often used in public buildings. It is important that you let the professionals handle this so that it does meet the necessary codes for the area. 

- Repairing Commercial Locks

With businesses, locks see a lot of wear and tear.
Over time this wear and tear can and will affect how this lock functions.
This is not something to leave to chance, instead a professional locksmith should ensure that the lock is repaired and working effectively in order to protect your business.  

If there are any doubts about your business security, then it is time to let the professionals handle this for you.
Our goal is to ensure that it is difficult to access your business so that you stay safe.

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